About Russell

Hello!!! Welcome to my website. I am delighted that you took the time to visit me here. It tells me that we share similar interests, that of relationships. Unless you are completely isolated from people, you would have formed relationships all your life. Some you have held on to, others didn’t last long. I am excited about relationships and how they can be improved, no matter the form they come in. Great relationships lead to a happier life.

My Story

You may not believe me but I was 2+ years old when I wrote my first love letter. Of course the paper was filled with scratches. I did not even know the alphabet yet, nor could I form letters much less words. All that I knew was that I saw a lady that I liked and I had to let her know how I felt. So when I was through expressing myself, I folded my ‘love letter’ scratched something on the outside and asked my neighbor to hand it to the lady for me. He did, and for the rest of her life, whenever she saw me, she called me ‘boyfriend’.

I am years away from that memorable day. In between, I have learned a whole lot about relationships. First I learned from reading – not all was good. Later I learned from my own experience and from looking at and discussing relationships with others. I continue to be a student of this critical aspect of life.

From my point of view, I am not an expert on relationships, so I am in no way attempting to give that impression. I have experienced many failed relationships but I have learned from those failures. I would like to share that knowledge with you and hope that you would indulge me by sharing yours, if you feel so inclined.

Why I Want To Help People

One of my observation of relationships is that over time, in many, many cases, instead of getting better, they are deteriorating. And I refer to every aspect of life. At the same time, I know that with some effort, relationships can be better, happier. People can live better, happier lives. I enjoy seeing people happy and happy people.

So I am willing to share my experience, exchange ideas and even find expert advice to help you have a happier relationship and life. I promise no quick fix, but if we work together, one home can be affected. That home can positively impact it’s community which then provides a ripple effect that can reach the world. So let’s explore the possibilities together.

The Goal Of This Site

So no matter what type of relationship you want to discuss/explore, we can look at it here.

We may not always agree but let us agree to disagree gently. This site is not about creating division but understanding and togetherness. We will speak to each other with respect and kindness.

Absolutely no obscene or abusive language.

Feel free to speak plainly though.

If we can help each other to grow and have happier lives, then the goal of this site would have been achieved.

Let’s get into it then.


  1. Grace Paul - Reply

    I look forward to this. This site will be able to reach and help a number of people that really need help.

    • Russell - Reply

      Glad to hear that. I hope that every person who reads this blog receives some type of help.

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